Purpose & Gratitude

My motto is “Begin each day with PURPOSE and end it with GRATITUDE!” We have so much to accomplish in our live. Take action daily and at the end of the day be grateful for the ability to act on your purpose.

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Whos is in your ear?

A Mentor of mine mentioned that you must always be hungry for knowledge that will help you improve you. I enjoy listening and watching a few guys that inspire and challenge me with their words. Les Brown and Eric Thomas. So when I found this video, it hit home! it hits me every time I listen to it(weekly). Enjoy!

Sharing my journey

I am what I consider a a novice Entrepreneur. Some success with the vision of greatness. It is my intent to be phenomenal. There are many out there like me.  So I am here  to chronicle my Odyssey(journey). There is so much power in sharing the story of the roller coaster ride into the business world. Vast amounts to learn. So I invite you to join me and share your stories as well.