Gratitude increases with purpose

Processed with MoldivAs the journey to keep learning continues, there is tremendous amount of basic principles that I’m learning. 2 that are standing out in my space is purpose and gratitude. Living forward I will “begin each day with Purpose and end each day will Gratitude”


Social entrepreneurs, where are You going to? One man or woman shows are not enough!

Go India, go future!

The trend is obvious: social entrepreneurship is ‘hip’. The number of social business conferences, socent challenges, courses offered at universities and numbers of articles published in all kind of magazines is growing obviously. Not just in USA, U.K. and a few more countries, but all over the world. In tapped and untapped markets, countries with large industries and low income countries, poor and rich areas, even smaller ones. The needs may differ, but they exist – no doubt: education, care, health, nutrion, prevention, access, environment …

Not every so-called social entrepreneurship idea and movement is really new, some are just a relaunched empowered movement… Not every social business is really a business. Not every social business means social entrepreneurship.

However, there is nothing wrong with it.

The social empowerment has reached even business parts where still a few years ago it was unthinkable that innovative thinking, talent management…

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