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Power month begins!

Opportunity!5 events in next month, Im excited, nervous and empowered by the opportunity!!

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Help others

in 1992 a mentor helped me prepare for the firefighter interview which is a pivotal step in getting a position in fire dept. The only thing he requested was that instead of monetary payment, that we pay it forward to others. So we do and will continue.

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Congrats Dr. Eric Thomas

For the last 3 years I have followed Eric Thomas(ET) online. Every Monday I have watched his post TGIM(thank god its Monday). Its powerful, timely and challenging.

Last week, Eric achieved a milestone he has been speaking about for years by getting his PHD. It took him many years of hard work as he navigated family responsibilities while having a business empire to grow!

Though we have not met(yet) I am proud of the bar he has set for me and my vision!

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A referral system if handled correctly can generate an incredible amount of leads. Whether your humble small business owner or a new blogger such as me, this is the place to really start. Build that consumer base or followership to get the word out about your service or product. Reaching the masses is everything, however having quality content/ reputation is vitally important as well.

I should note a disclaimer on my current situation; presently I have not engaged in networking this blog just yet as I am slowly adding content for my future viewers. This is my strategy for quality and retention. What would it say if I could attract hundreds or thousands of people to my articles only to find a few articles with little viewership? Would I be taken seriously? Maybe, but consistency is the main ingredient for a blogger. Once the foundation is set you will see…

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