Pink Heals 2016

Pink Heals 2016 at Hard Rock on the Strip!

What a fun volunteer event!


Great run Tina

Tina is committed to better health. On 4/9 she participated in the #inflatable5k. Great job T!!!

#Zuu is here in vegas!

A few people in our crew attended the #zuu class! Whats a great experience. Unique exercise and movements to really give you a great workout. The game changer is the powerful culture of love and teamwork that helped EVERYONE complete the class!

Now through September 30th 2015 join the #vegaszuu crew and check it out for yourself. You will not be disappointed, learn more at 2015-09-19 08.25.18 2015-09-19 08.29.51 2015-09-19 08.39.11 2015-09-19 08.44.04

Reboot journey

Our family has begun this week a health, wealth and wellness journey named reboot. The choice of why and how we live our lives must be acted upon. Stay tuned for information on our thoughts, action, results and info on #reboot which launches in August!

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