Huddle up for #Better

Fun Huddle up hosted by Tina! Michael Rutherford blitzed into Vegas for a couple hours and spent a fun time with our community. Now its time for #doubledown and have #vegas ready for the official launch!


#Zuu is here in vegas!

A few people in our crew attended the #zuu class! Whats a great experience. Unique exercise and movements to really give you a great workout. The game changer is the powerful culture of love and teamwork that helped EVERYONE complete the class!

Now through September 30th 2015 join the #vegaszuu crew and check it out for yourself. You will not be disappointed, learn more at 2015-09-19 08.25.18 2015-09-19 08.29.51 2015-09-19 08.39.11 2015-09-19 08.44.04

#TBT Firefighter Badass

I have been in the fire service for over 2 decades. I love everything about it. The firehouse life, tradition, running calls and ability to have a second family. Today I want to honor a guy who early on in my career made a life long impression of just “doing the job”. The fire service is loaded with men and women who have had heroic moments. Here is one guy who immediately comes to my mind as a Fireman who is a badass. Kevin Shea along with his crew from #FDNY elite Rescue 1 made an absolutely outstanding rescue in 1991 which was early in my firefighting career. In a the movie Ladder 49, this rescue was re enacted. Kevin was then injured in the 1993 WTC bombing.

Have fun thinking about the example that your heroes set for you…….Then go create your own legacy for others!

images (2) Ladder-49_7110_6