Power of persistance pays of for @giavanniruffin

Congratulations to @giavanniruffin for signing with the Seattle Seahawks!

5 years ago Giavanni posted a video on YouTube called How bad do you want it(https://youtu.be/lsSC2vx7zFQ). Since the video, he has been working his ass off and now he will be #levelingup his game in Seattle.

Thank you for providing us with a great example of hard work, #focus and #persistance @giavanni!

#ericthomas #nfl #seattle #workhard #nevergiveup

Reboot journey

Our family has begun this week a health, wealth and wellness journey named reboot. The choice of why and how we live our lives must be acted upon. Stay tuned for information on our thoughts, action, results and info on #reboot which launches in August!

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