Firefighter Bachelor Auction

Just 4 days until the 2016 Firefighter Bachelor Auction!
This years line up is best ever. Firefighters, Engineers, Captains and even a Chief of a Fire Department will be auctioned off this year. Funds raised will benefit important local initiatives we support.

Tickets and VIP tables (almost sold out) are still available.
to purchase your tickets visit our website

VIP tables purchased include a hotel room at the SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino.

*Check out the new auction package- Day trip to Napa Valley on a private jet.

**PLEASE share with 5 of your friends**

All proceeds to benefit the Firefighters of Southern NV Burn Foundation!

Power of persistance pays of for @giavanniruffin

Congratulations to @giavanniruffin for signing with the Seattle Seahawks!

5 years ago Giavanni posted a video on YouTube called How bad do you want it( Since the video, he has been working his ass off and now he will be #levelingup his game in Seattle.

Thank you for providing us with a great example of hard work, #focus and #persistance @giavanni!

#ericthomas #nfl #seattle #workhard #nevergiveup

Yes they can!!

Powerful article and a perfect segway to our Hope Bar Project. We invite those looking to make an impact and legacy to learn more about this amazinv business model and  contact us to learn about why we believe our #hopebar projects will help others!

excerpt: Rather than tell women we need to be more like men to succeed in this new realm, we should encourage women to look to the skills they do have to succeed in social enterprise. It is more important than ever that we not see compassion, long-term thinking, and social orientation as weaknesses. In the emerging realm of the social enterprise, these skills are what will help our ventures succeed, grow and change the world as we know it.