Great Pruvit event in San Diego

We spent a week in SD working with an amazing group of people in search of #better! Thank you to all who attended, worked it or assisted in making it awesome!! #pruvitnow

Ready, Set…….Go!

We took our 1st step to our mission of sustainable giving through the power of social entrepreneurship. I was a small but powerful event and we now have a foundation to build on as our movement grows. I am appreciative to the attendee’s, the hotel, Peter & Karen Hirsch and my beautiful wife!

Now we grow! next we have:

  • Pre-launch of #reboot challenge.
  • #Vegashbm meetup is July 11th 2015(email for details).
  • #Vegashbm meetup is August 8th 2015(email for details)
  • Mission trip to Mexico September 2nd & 3rd. Leon Mexico.
  • Reboot launch event Dallas, TX September 4th & 5th.

Stay tuned as we share the power of our amazing project.

Ask yourself, What if all you have to lose is everything because the first step wasn’t taken??

Contact our team:

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